Welcome Future Einsteiners

At Little Einstein Preschool, we value the importance of having an enjoyable yet fruitful educational experience for our young Einsteiners. We understand how exciting a child's first day at school is and it is our priority to provide a warm and engaging learning environment for our students to explore and grow in their new surroundings. Our theme-based, Montessori-inspired curriculum combines the element of fun into a structured and prolific learning technique, in which students are encouraged to discover and develop their interests early on through a variety of activities, both as a class or individually.

Children look at the world as one big playground with endless possibilities and no boundaries. It is, indeed, these creativities and imaginations that drive their curiosity and pulls them into a lifelong love of learning. The "Learning Centers" is specifically designed for our students to enhance and explore their analytical and logical thoughts through their senses. The center will be divided into 6 different corners - Dramatic, Book, Science, Circle-Time, Arts and Constructive - each playing a critical role in our students' personal and educative development. In addition, our theme-based activities would present opportunities for the students to learn to work together in unity, building their language, social and communication skills while having fun in the process...

Little Einstein Preschool

Rukan Garden House, Blok B No.26, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta-Utara
Phone : (021) 2903 3506 / (081) 8551101199
Email : info@little-einstein-preschool.com